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Peace Day Toowoomba

2 October 2021 
1.00 pm 

Let's support each other to live in harmony and peace

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02 May, 1:00 pm
Laurel Bank Park
A celebration of peace and harmony in Toowoomba to unite our community which is diverse in culture, faith and languages. Come and enjoy food, performances and inspiring guest speakers.



Mayor Paul Antonio, UNAA representative and more

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Including, Irish, Filipino, Chinese and Indian Dance performances

Guest Speakers

Mayor Paul Antonio

Mayor Paul Antonio

Toowoomba Regional Council


Ms Claire Moore

President of UNAA Qld Division


Mr Muhammed Haniff Bin Abdul Razak

Pure Land Learning College Association

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Mr John Smith

CEO Heartfulness Australia



The Peace Day celebrations is an initiative of Pure Land Learning College Association (PLLCA) and heartfulness Institute. This event commemorates the United Nations International Day of Peace. This year the United Nations Association of Australia Queensland division is partnering with PLLCA and Heartfulness in celebrating the event. The event promotes United Nations SDG-16 objectives to achieve global Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Pure Land has created a driving force for the Toowoomba region to be recognised as a model city of peace and harmony. Heartfulness Institute is a global non-profit organisation in over 140 countries. The Institute is an NGO of UN DGC, with the humanitarian aim of promoting universal peace and harmony. We are sincerely grateful to our supporting partners, Toowoomba Regional Council, Lions Club, and the Goodwill Committee.
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Ms Belinda Sanders

ABC Southern Queensland