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Located in Toowoomba, Australia,

the Pure Land Learning College Association, Inc. was founded in 2001 by

Venerable Master Chin Kung.


The goal of the college is twofold:

to provide a good learning environment for the students

who aspire to learn and practice Pure Land Buddhism and the teachings of the sages,

and to train and nurture successors to continue the propagation of Buddhism.

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Heartfulness Institute is a global non-profit organization with thousands of volunteer trainers who serve more than a million practitioners in over 130 countries. The Institute is a United Nations recognised body that operates worldwide, with localised centres across the globe. The institute carries a humanitarian aim of promoting universal peace and harmony through yoga and meditation, known as the Heartfulness practices.

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Since the first club was formed in Australia 75 years ago Lions has grown dramatically in size and impact with over 1200 clubs and 25,000 members now giving back through an array of community-based programs and initiatives.


Some Lions are on a mission to cure childhood cancer and diabetes, others are committed to assisting those impacted by drought and floods and many are simply working together to help people in need in their local community.

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The UNAA works to inform, inspire and engage Australians on the work, goals, and values of the United Nations to create a safer, fairer, more sustainable world.

Our national programs and many events help educate Australian citizens and leaders about the UN’s vital work and encourage them to become involved in promoting the UN. We work to support UN Youth to promote greater understanding of the UN within Australian schools, particularly through the conduct of Model UN Conferences. We promote the UN’s critical role in striving to maintain international peace and security, human rights and sustainable development.

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Toowoomba has built upon its Garden City image, and become the hub of one of Australia’s most attractive regions blending the best of both a city and country lifestyle.


Toowoomba Regional Council is the ninth largest local government area in Queensland with an estimated population of 160,297 persons as at 30 June 2013. The Toowoomba region has experienced increasing cultural diversity over the last decade and is predicted to continue into the future.

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More Coming Soon

About Goodwill Committee Coming Soon

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TIMS is a community organisation serving people from all cultural backgrounds whether Australian-born or migrant.

The Society is one of the major organising partners and sponsors of the Toowoomba Languages & Cultures Festival held annually on the second Sunday in August.

The Society has organised several cultural festivals (e.g. Chinese New Year, Diwali, Harmony Day ) showcasing multicultural performances from different communities of Toowoomba.



We are a diversified group of people who are committed to promoting social peace and diversity among the youth and the wider community.

We challenge the word peace; What is 'peace', and what does it mean to us as young individuals?

We, as a group, are strongly committed to bringing together young people from all cultures and backgrounds in Toowoomba and promoting multiculturalism within our wider communities.


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As Queensland’s largest NDIS LAC Partner in the Community, we have been working alongside communities toward sustainable change that ensures people with disability are leading conversations and driving the inclusive changes they need and want to see to achieve their goals.

Our work with local councils and public sector agencies, business and industry, community groups and clubs is making sure inclusion is on the agenda and that people with disability have a seat at the table.

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